What you should know about the game Dragon Ball Legends


Before you start playing theDragon Ball Legends Hack, we have listed for you a few things you should know

1.       Class types

Under the game, you will find five class types. It is your responsibility to ensure that your character is in the highest class type. This information is readily available and the only way for you to make a mistake here is if you do not do your research earlier. They range from PHY which is considered the highest, to INT, TEQ and AGL which can be considered mid-level and finally to STR

2.       Capsules

There are three colored capsules in the game. We have the red capsule that you use when you want to level up your characters through training. There is the blue capsule that has been designed for hp recovery, when you want to weaken your opponent and also to change the KI color. …

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Everything to know about Journeys game! Some tips are given

There are many games available to play on mobile phones. The journey is also one game which is free to play, which means you can download the game at free of cost from the ios stores. The set includes different tasks in the game, which gives you an enormous amount of fun and entertainment which you always expected from mobile games. Before playing the game, you need to visit some gaming sites who can give you all the essential tips and tools like journeys hack tool.

You can download all the tools for the game at free of cost anytime anywhere you wanted. Below I will show you some particular points over the game which can help you to understand the game better.


The game depicts the sight of the desert which you give you a nice feel of the journey in the game. The game is beautifully designed …

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Unknown facts related to the trolling motors

The modern electric trolling motor is coming with different designs and features. There are many features that you can get with the trolling motor. If you want the proper benefits, then it is essential to have the best type of trolling motor. The trolling motor is used for various purposes. Some people use them with sports cars, and on the other hand, some people are using them with the fishing task. These are some uses of the trolling motor. The motor is beneficial to the extra power that is the main advantage to the power of the car. The power is a most important thing to consider while buying a motor that is known as trolling motor. Some people are choosing the best AGM battery charger for the trolling motors.

·         Reasons to have to troll motor

There are lots of the reasons to have the trolling motors.  We …

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Hungry Dragon – Complete the Levels and Unlock New attractive Locations


Step up and control the deadly dragons and let them eat what they want. There are so many gamers available in a mobile gaming store, but Hungry Dragon is a kind game. The developers Ubisoft are popular developers, and they are in the field for a long time. Currently, there are millions of gamers playing it, and there is no doubt that it is full of action and entertainment games. Dragons are destructive as well as they are attractive too, and Hungry Dragon cheats always available to unlock them at the beginning of the game.

Explore new locations and levels

Pump up the breath and ride the destructive dragons that came to destroy everything. There are so many levels in the game, and every level is different from other levels. The shape of the village and people are against the dragons, and they try to hurt then dragons as well. …

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Top 3 Quickest Tricks to Become Master in NBA Live Mobile

NBA live mobile is a sports-based game, and millions of online players are connected with it. The game is all about live matches, and you can download it by the android store. It is developed by Electronic Arts, and it is suitable for IOS and android mobile device. If you are thinking about how to become a master player, then you should go with the correct information. The players have to know about some vital tricks to enhance the performance in it.

Along with performance, the currency is also a vital factor, and you can get more currency by The NBA live mobile hack online. Such a hack is easy to use, and it does not take much time for adding the currency. The players can go with some listed tricks in this article for leveling up in the game.

Learn the basics

For instant play, we should go …

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A Brief Guidance about Summoners War

For all the players who are waiting for the best RPG game here present a top-rated game named Summoners War. It is the most played game of these days which almost played by 5 million players all across the world. Now, here in the post gamers provided with classic and useful information about the game. They need to know first that in Summoners War, there are lots of features present. Some main features which make the game stunning are as follows –

·         The game deals in an in-app purchases feature. By the same gamers buy all things. The only thing is that they require currency in good amount or you can say real-life money.

·         Also, all the graphics in the game are of high-quality which aims to provide the realistic experience.

·         The game deals in a main type of currency which is present in the form of …

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3 Wise Methods for Earning the Extra Currency in Mobile Legends


The internet is the destination for various enjoyments things, and mobile games are one of them. There are lots of games, but Mobile Legends is special for the action. The game is playing on the android and IOS mobile device. In the gameplay, you will meet with multiple heroes, and everyone is looking forward to new chances. Missions and real-time matches are part of the game, and each player is finding some right ways for wining. Most of the players are smartly use the Mobile Legends Cheats, and such are a reliable tool for currency.

Battle points and diamonds are a prime currency, and both are enhancing the playing skills. Many kinds of ways are available for currency, and some of them are listed in this article.

Get the daily bonus amount

At the beginning of the game, various free tools are available, and a daily bonus is …

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Top 2 Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Performance in Golf Battle Game!

Golf Battle is a well-maintained game for Android and iOS devices. Gamers have only goal is to hit hole-in-ones on different islands and score as many as possible in a certain period of time. For improving your performance in the game then you should choose the best-ball and take a perfect position.

Aside from this, as soon as you level up and compete for more challenging stages with other team members around the globe that offer better rewards and bonuses. If you want to generate resources as per your wish, then you can take help from Golf Battle Cheats 2020 without investing your real or virtual money.

Useful Tips for Better Performance in Top Eleven!

ü  During the practice session, players can quickly improve their performance by eliminating the mistakes which they ever seen in the real matches. It’s also saying, practice makes a man perfect.

ü  When you play …

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In-game Currency Guide about BitLife Life Simulator Players Should Know

 Here you are going to meet with the gameplay of BitLife Life Simulator and all other things that relates to it. Before it, everyone should know that it is the best production of Candywriter and aims to provide the best gaming experience among all others. As you know that it is simulation-based game, so in the game users have to choose their story and then play the same entire life by performing those activities and tasks in the game.

In the beginning of BitLife Life Simulator, gamers need to select or choose a life, then they have to enhance the stats of their character up to 90% as it is necessary to play the game appropriately and to make quick progress in BitLife Life Simulator. Also, they have to pay attention on the earning process of money in the game. It is necessary for them to earn money as to …

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Top Eleven – Learn To Exclusive Game Play and Important Features to Progress

The fact about Mobile gaming is that these games are easy to install on mobile devices. Players do not have to struggle a lot for download game and install games. It is because of the Playstore & Appstore are the two in build store for games. The developers have made Top Eleven very smoothly run in every Android and iOS devices. Players can get lots of rewards while playing, but by using Top Eleven Cheats rewards can be obtained instantly.

Features & gameplay

There are many features that developers have introduced in front of the gamers, mostly features are good as expected, and some features are important in every kind of soccer games. Features make game unique and interesting, and by playing these features, it makes the experience better. Adding features is the sign of innovating games which is important in every platform of gaming.

ª  Customize the movements of …

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