Episode – Choose Your Story – Make Your Choices Smartly


Are you fantasized to play your own stories? If yes then there are numerous options present but the name that comes to the brain first is Episode – Choose Your Story. This is really an amazing game which is based on multiple stories. In this game, you can develop your own stories by choosing a right genre whether it is romance, dating or anything else. You should always choose the genre as according to your interest in order to develop the story more interesting. You can also design characters for your story and customize it as according to your desire. If you are going play the stories present in this game then you will find lots of options and you have to make a right decision carefully. In this way, you can start playing the role of the main character in the story and it will help you to have …

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An Ultimate Guide that You Need to Know about Hero Wars!


Without any shadow of a doubt, Hero Wars is one of the best actions games among teens and adults. This game gains a lot of popularity in the last few months with great ratings 4.7 stars on Android and 4.5 on iOS.

However, when you start playing the game, then you have to prepare a powerful hero with unique skills in order to defeat more and more opponents with minimum efforts. If you want to generate In-Game items in the desired amount, then you can use Hero Wars ffwarpzone.com.


·         In the entire playing section, the players are required to collect the dragons as there are more than 1000 awesome dragons in the game.

·         The …

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About the marvel contest of champions game


The marvel contest of champions is an action game and it was released in the year of 2014 and within 3 years the game has become more popular and now it is found to be the hot favorite game among game lovers. This game has a serious draw that brings the fans as like the fighting games and with the plenty of the ways to play the social aspects and more marvel contest champions characters will shake a stick that is so popular and easy to play. The game has enough whistles and bells that impress the players to come back and play the game for more times.  This game is found to be the core in fighting game and there is definitely more to do it than just mashing the button and hoping that the game will end with the good outcome.

In the marvel contest champion game definitely …

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3 significant tips for playing Golf Clash


Golf Clash is one of the sports-based game in which a player will get the knowledge of playing golf. The game provides a real-life experience and a good source of entertainment. The game is consisting of several aspects like the multiplayer concept. Along with this, they need to make proper focus on shots; it is because the winning element of the game is based on the shots that the player needs to make.

The players need to perform all the task properly that leads to winning the game. Though this they need to earn some coins for buying some goods if they are not able to attain the coins, then they can take help from Golf Clash Cheats for unlimited coins.


For playing the game, you always want some tips for active play:

Focused on time

•         While playing the game, it is one of the essential aspects is …

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Hungry Shark Evolution: Guide for Beginner to Survive Longer

Hungry shark evolution is a survival game and also required upgradation in skills. In order to survive in the game, players need to eat as much as they can by controlling the shark in proper way and skills. Continues eating what comes in front will make the shark grow huge and stronger. It is the most favorite game in the category of arcade available in every mobile device. To make the shark grow bigger, and stronger players mostly use the currencies.

A basic guide for the game

·         The ultimate sharks of the game are used to grow stronger and bigger. Feed the sharks to grow them and stronger, but to evolve the sharks to next levels, players have to earn many points in the survival, and all those points use to upgrade the sharks. There are many more sharks available in the game, and those sharks take time and …

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War robots as a great combat game! Tips to download the game

Being a combat game lover is not a bad thing, but it is almost impossible to find the best fighting game to play on the mobile phone. For this problem, I have one good suggestion for you all, i.e. War robots. The game is beautifully designed to give the best thrilling and fighting experience, and it has also so many modes to play from Which you can choose one particular to get all the fun of fighting games. The craze of the game is getting higher and higher, due to this, many gamers want to hack the game by using War robots cheats. This helps for the game can be obtained from the various online sources quickly and at free of cost.

Various robots

Developers of the game provide multiple robots in the game, and you can choose anyone to play in the game. Modify your style of a …

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An Overview to Know about Madden NFL

If you are a rugby game lover then there is no doubt that you come to the right place. Here you are going to meet with all essential features of Madden NFL which make it classic among all others. One of the main things about the game is that they are totally free to use Madden NFL 2020 Hack and cheats. With both options you become able to add currency in your game account, you become able to make progress and do all things easily.

Guide about Currency

Before going to make deal with playing process of currency, one has to know the main 2 types of currency. Below are the main two types of currency and about them all players should know –

·         Coins – it is earned by winning more events and completing more objectives in Madden NFL.

·         Cash – also, users simply have to know …

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How to Get Rid Of Dry Skin Problems by Using the Facial Humidifier?

Are you facing dry skin problems? If yes, then you can go with a facial humidifier. It is a suitable tonic for our face skin and for that you no need to go on the parlor. Just use it at home and get smooth skin. Dry face downs our overall personality, and in the market, many of other products are also available for it. The users can easily get the Best facial humidifier by going with the right companies. We have to buy it for our skincare, and it is working effectively.

Due to cold weathers, many of us are seeing such a problem, and the Humidifier gives the solution for it. Along with it, the user needs to go with other points. We are sharing some of the other tips for it in this article.

Add the extra moisture

Dry skin needs high moisture, and for that, the humidifier …

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Tips and Guide on How to Beat the Hard Levels in Gardenscapes!


Most of the people think that beating Gardenscapes levels is a tough task to complete. Interesting fact, three levels of the match are slightly different than Homescapes levels. Not every level of the game is too hard to beat.

Also, some of the players find it hard but the one who is playing both of them Homescapes as well as Gardenscapes game then you may find Gardenscapes levels bit harder than Homescapes levels. If you want to complete all the levels without putting any effort, then you can use Gardenscapes Hack for the unlimited currency which will help the players in every level.

To know in details about the levels in Gardenscapes

There are some particular levels in the game that are hard to beat, such as 25 and 29. Let’ see in following points about levels in details.

1. How to Beat the Level 25 and 29 without Using

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