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Hungry Dragon – Complete the Levels and Unlock New attractive Locations


Step up and control the deadly dragons and let them eat what they want. There are so many gamers available in a mobile gaming store, but Hungry Dragon is a kind game. The developers Ubisoft are popular developers, and they are in the field for a long time. Currently, there are millions of gamers playing it, and there is no doubt that it is full of action and entertainment games. Dragons are destructive as well as they are attractive too, and Hungry Dragon cheats always available to unlock them at the beginning of the game.

Explore new locations and levels

Pump up the breath and ride the destructive dragons that came to destroy everything. There are so many levels in the game, and every level is different from other levels. The shape of the village and people are against the dragons, and they try to hurt then dragons as well. All you have to control the Dragon the right direction and kill who are hurting the Dragon and also who are not.

At the beginning of the game, you will not face any harmful things or villagers that will hurt you, but as you go on the high levels, you are a target of village people. You have to avoid the hurtful things that villagers throw on you, and if you get hurt, you will lose your health, which is not a good thing for any of the Dragon.

Unlock new location

 Currently, there are five locations in the game, and all of them are so amazing. If you haven’t unlocked all of the locations, then you can use Hungry Dragon Cheats to unlock all of the locations. Every location has its advantage, and them all looks so attractive to play.