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Types of Car Maintenance services

It is important that you maintain your car regularly so that your car does not face any major issue in the future. Also, it will prevent you from unnecessary expenditures. A well-maintained car will also give you a better and comfortable experience. If you don’t maintain your car, you will need to choose any one of the types of car services depending on the condition of your car.

Oil and Filter Change

This is the most basic step in maintaining your car. This is also one of the simplest tasks to do. All you need to do is change the oil and the oil filter. But to ensure that the car is working fine, the service company takes an overall look at the car and checks if there are any major faults in the car. These types of service are required by those who keep their cars well maintained. There is usually no serious faults in the car and thus the service company has a rough check. The oils and filters are the only things that need to be changed and replaced by a new one. By doing this, the efficiency of the fuel increases and your car will be fine for many more years.

Basic Service

In this type of car service, the oil and filters are changed along with the few changes which are required by the car. The service company also changes the fluids and the car parts if needed. These are all included in this type of car service. The service company is also responsible for the check-up of the car brakes and all the other parts of the car. In actual basic service, the service center checks about thirty-five components of the car in order to ensure that the car is in the best possible condition. However, you must know that not all car service company will provide you with this facility.

Full Service

Full service is the sum of the basic service and some other check-ups. There are about twenty-five to thirty checks more in addition to the basic service. However, you will have to pay for the additional maintenance cost which is likely to be a bit more.

Major and Manufacturer Service

The Major service includes every small checkup of your car. These also include the change of spark plugs, if required along with repairing and replacing any worn and worn out parts. These major services are the addition of full service and a few more things. Generally, all of the things are covered in major service but sometimes there are a few things which are left out. These left out checks are covered by the manufacturer service. It is the complete overhaul of the car and is advised for those who have not taken their cars to any service center or have not maintained their cars.


It is important that you maintain your car or you will need to visit the service center very often and the life of your car will also decrease. Also, keep a record of the maintenance of your car. If you take your car to the service center regularly, your car will be in the best conditions and will provide you with extra mileage.