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What you should know about the game Dragon Ball Legends


Before you start playing theDragon Ball Legends Hack, we have listed for you a few things you should know

1.       Class types

Under the game, you will find five class types. It is your responsibility to ensure that your character is in the highest class type. This information is readily available and the only way for you to make a mistake here is if you do not do your research earlier. They range from PHY which is considered the highest, to INT, TEQ and AGL which can be considered mid-level and finally to STR

2.       Capsules

There are three colored capsules in the game. We have the red capsule that you use when you want to level up your characters through training. There is the blue capsule that has been designed for hp recovery, when you want to weaken your opponent and also to change the KI color. The purple capsule is for awakening your character

3.       Icons

You will find the power up icon that is for use when you want to improve the ki for your character. The grey coin will generally give your character zeni. The icon to avoid is the aiming icon that will cause damage to your character. The yellow cloud is for when you want to go to the next area

4.       Link skills

Link skills generally show you the effect your character will have on your opponent when used. You should always strive to match up your characters with the same level of skills for maximum effect during battles

5.       Positioning

This simply refers to how the characters of your team will be positioned during battle. You will only have influence when it comes to rotation of your characters otherwise you will have to accept the game’s random selection

6.       Awakening

You will soon note that there is a level at which your characters can’t be any stronger. This is where you will use the purple capsule to awaken then. A bonus is that you will get medals that award you bonuses